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This page will provide you with information on the music star Ugoccie (Anosike Favour Ugochi), including her biography, net worth, and where he is from. So, if you want to know more about this talented singer, read on. This page will also cover some interesting facts about Ugoccie’s background. So, if you are looking for some facts about Ugoccie, you’ve come to the right place.

Real Name:
Anosike Favour Ugochi
Stage Name:Ugoccie
Age:27 years old
Date Of Birth:16th Of March, 1997
State Of OriginAbia State
Record Label:Mad Solutions
Net Worth:$3k – $8k approx.
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Ugoccie’s Biography & Music Career

Born on March 16, 1997, Ugochi is an On-Air Personality, rapper, and songwriter. Before she rose to fame, Ugoccie was a famous rap artist on social media platforms, where her first fans knew her as Itootok. Ugoccie’s style of music is unique, blending Igbo language into rap verses over Afrobeat sounds.

She went to Wise Brain Academy and Ninlan Demonstration Secondary School and later attended a university. She also performed her compulsory youth service in Kebbi State. Ugochi is becoming a famous rising star and making a name for herself in Nigeria.

Her debut single, “Disappoint Them,” features Port Harcourt’s 1st son Duncan Mighty. Tunde Ednut discovered Ugochi on her viral cover of ‘One Ticket.’ The singer has since been making waves with her infectious style.

Ugoccie’s Net Worth

Her net worth is now estimated to be around $3,000 to $8,000 approx. This value estimate is based on her popularity and hit songs released so far. However, this figure is likely to grow rapidly due to her recent success.

While her net worth is increasing due to her popularity, she continues to remain private. 

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