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This page will provide you with information on the music star Ruger (Michael Adebayo Olayinka), including his biography, net worth, and where he is from. If you want to know more about this talented singer, read on. This page will also cover some interesting facts about Ruger’s background. 

If you are wondering who Ruger is, then read on. This young singer/songwriter is a Nigerian afrobeat artist signed to the Jonzing World record label. He has an eyepatch and is single. Ruger is a child of a wealthy Lagos family, which gave him a background in music. What was his upbringing like?

Real Name:Michael Adebayo Olayinka
Stage Name:Ruger
Date Of Birth:23rd Of September, 1999
State Of Origin:Lagos State
Record Label:Jonzing World Record
Net Worth:$20,000 to $50,000 approx.
Ruger’s Profile

Ruger’s biography & music career

Ruger is a Nigerian afrobeat artiste

Nigerian afrobeat artist Ruger is a rising star in the music industry. His debut single “Bounce” soared to the top of the Apple Music chart, and his six-track Pandemic EP topped the Nigerian charts in March. The crooner’s appearance has raised eyebrows. Though he has denied being blind, he does it to show respect to someone. His innuendo-filled record “Bounce” went to number one on Apple Music. The singer’s enigmatic stage presence has made him the latest hitmaker in the industry.

The young artist began showcasing his talent when he was only a high school student. He joined the choir at his church and was also part of his school’s musical band. While in high school, Ruger began writing songs and performing them at school events and local shows in Lagos. In 2020, Ruger met talent manager D’Prince, the brother of big-time producer Don Jazzy. After the two met, they signed Ruger to D’Prince’s Jonzing World label. This subsequently increased his following on the social media site.

The singer is currently signed to the Jonzing World Records label, but he has no affiliation with Mavins Records or other Nigerian afrobeat labels. His afrobeat songs have achieved worldwide recognition. Afrobeat lovers can find his music on various social media sites. Moreover, he has signed a publishing deal with Columbia Records and a distribution deal with Sony Music Entertainment.

He is signed to Jonzing World.

Nigerian singer Ruger is signed to Jonzing World Records. The eponymous label is affiliated with Mavins Records. Born Michael Adebayo in 1999, Ruger is the youngest artist on the label. He has already signed a record deal worth N1 billion. He has been working on his music career for several years, and he signed to Jonzing World in January 2020. Ruger, whose stage name is Ruger, was originally known as Mikki Drey. He grew up in Lagos and began writing songs when he was just 16. In 2020, Ruger met D’Prince, the younger brother of Don Jazzy.

While Ruger has not released an official website, he is very active on social media. You can message him or mention him through Instagram. You can also visit Jonzing World’s Instagram page or D’Prince’s account to get in touch with Ruger. The latter will most likely respond to your message. Neither of these social media profiles is active, but you can find him on Twitter and Instagram. While Ruger has no official website, you can still reach him via Instagram.

D’Prince is a MAVIN recording artist. The label is named after the album he released in 2012. Ruger was the second artist D’Prince signed to Jonzing World in two years. The label also signed Rema to Mavin Records. In addition, the label has signed other artists, including D’Prince, and Jonzing World has been his official home since. There’s no better way to promote an artist’s music than by sharing it with the world.

He has an eyepatch

Why does Ruger wear an eyepatch? Some people think it is simply because he is an artist, but it’s for a very practical reason. The artist, Ruger, explains that the patch symbolizes someone he admires. He also explains that the name “Ruger” refers to a pistol, so he wants to look like a sniper.

It has been assumed that Ruger has been blind for many years, but he only has one in actuality. He hasn’t been photographed without an eyepatch since his debut. The most notable exception to this rule is the time when Ruger was photographed without the patch. Ruger photographed the musician with his label mate Rema, pouring palm wine from a white keg. Although the incident isn’t entirely surprising, it does raise questions about whether he has two eyes or if it’s just a matter of personal choice.

The artist has been wearing his eyepatch for two years and has received many accolades. He is a South West Nigerian university member and joined the church choir as a vocalist. He started writing songs and performed them at local Lagos shows in high school. In 2020, Ruger met D’Prince, a talent manager. D’Prince is the brother of big-time producer Don Jazzy.

He is single and has no girlfriend yet.

Despite his popularity, there are still rumors circulating about the singer’s love life. The truth is that Ruger has no girlfriend at the moment, but a few things we already know might change our minds. His music has attracted lots of attention from the media and the ladies.

Ruger’s Net Worth

His net worth is now estimated to be around $20,000 to $50,000 approx. This value estimate is based on his popularity and hit songs released so far. However, this figure is likely to grow rapidly due to his recent success.

While his net worth is increasing due to his popularity, he continues to remain private. 

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Some FAQ About Ruger:

  • Question: Is Ruger the musician blind?

Ans: Ruger has said severally via interviews that he isn’t blind. The singer explains that the patch symbolizes someone he admires.