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If you’re wondering who Kenneth Aguba is, you’ve come to the right place. Read his biography to learn more about the talented Nollywood actor and producer. Aguba was born in 1951, and he’ll turn 71 in 2022. Born in Ibadan, Nigeria, Aguba first made his name on the entertainment scene during the 1990s. He’s helped improve Nollywood in Nigeria by working with other industry stalwarts. Among his numerous collaborations are films with Patience Ozokwor, Ngozi Ezonu, and Chinaway Owoh.

Kenneth Aguba
Real Name:Kenneth Aguba
Nick Name:Aguba
Age:71 years old
Date Of Birth:1951
State Of OriginEnugu State
Net Worth:$100 – $200 approx.
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Kenneth Aguba’s biography & career

Nigerian-born film producer and comedian Kenneth Aguba is renowned in the Nigerian movie industry. He started his career as an actor in the early nineties and contributed to the development of Nollywood in the country. He has acted in over 80 Nollywood films and has played various roles, including the standard boss, older man, grandfather, and title chief.

Apart from his fame, Aguba’s personal life is a mystery. Though his parents are unknown, his father is a former street kid who was a successful businessman and contributed immensely to the expansion of Nollywood in Nigeria.

In 2022, a man named Kenneth Aguba was homeless and living like a beggar. He has a wife and children, but no one knows their whereabouts. Fortunately, Nollywood stars have stepped in to help him out of poverty and adversity. Aguba’s story was shared on social media and met with diverse reactions. Many people were moved to take action to remove the beggar from the streets.

Kenneth Aguba is best known for a series of voiceless roles in Nigerian movies. This explains his long absence from the acting scene. According to a source close to the industry, his lack was due to a change in how Nollywood movies are made. Many actors are now forced to accept roles that don’t involve much dialogue or singing. This is unfortunate for Aguba, who is trying to make a living as an actor.

Fortunately, Aguba has found a supportive community through Omega Power Ministry General Overseer Apostle Chibuzor Chinyere. After helping Aguba with his homeless lifestyle in Enugu, Chibuzor has promised to sponsor Aguba’s wedding. He also outlined the conditions of his marriage, including the availability of a virgin from Israel. Since his announcement, several ladies have expressed interest in the beggar.

He is also known for his comic roles and as a “red cap” chief.

Kenneth Aguba has been given a chance at a new life after a beautiful Nigerian woman declared that she would marry him. The woman, Annastasia Micheal Olamma, has been a member of the Omega Power Ministries for about two years and recently posted a message on a Facebook group declaring her intention to marry the renowned actor. She promised to help Aguba get married and feed him for life if he accepted her offer.

Kenneth Aguba’s Net Worth

His net worth is estimated to be around $100 to $200 approx. This value estimate is based on his popularity and movie roles so far.

Some FAQ About Kenneth Aguba

Question: Is Kenneth Aguba married?

Ans: No, the famous Nollywood actor, even in his 70s, is yet to get married.