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This page of Goya Menor (Bright Menor) will introduce you to the multifaceted singer-songwriter. This talented Nigerian singer studied sociology at the EPKOMA, University of Edo State. He became a household name after releasing his hit song, “Ameno Amapiano (Remix),” with NEKTUNEZ. Although he started singing at an early age, he only became famous after releasing his hit song Ameno.

Real Name:

Goya Menor Bright
Stage Name:Goya Menor
Age:27 years old
Date Of Birth:4th Of May, 1995
State Of OriginEdo State
Record Label:B1 Recordings
Net Worth:$50k – $90k approx.
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Goya Menor’s biography & music career

Goya was born in Edo State by Christian parents, particularly in Ekpoma City, located in the Southern part of Nigeria, and attended the Ambrose Alli University. There, he earned a degree in Sociology. After graduation, he moved to Lagos, the music capital of Africa. He was introduced to budding rapper Erigga, and their collaboration resulted in Make I Yarn, which did much better than Goya Menor’s earlier singles.

While his first attempts at music failed, he tried a hyping job and soon rose to the ranks of some of Lagos’ finest hype men. He also performed at some of the most notable clubs in Nigeria. While his career was largely unsuccessful, his persistent desire to write a hit song eventually led to collaborating with Ghanaian producer Nektunez. Together they produced a dance remix of Ameno Amapiano.

He has since gained widespread recognition and a following, with his music reaching over 30 million YouTube views.

Born in 1995, Goya Menor is best known for his hit remix of the Ameno song. The remix has gone viral, garnering more than a million views in under six months. It is currently a top-charting single on YouTube, topping Apple’s music charts and Shazam’s playlist.

This wildly popular song has been interpreted by many artists and is a hit in many countries. The official music video for “Ameno (Amapiano Remix)” by Goya Menor has gone viral. Mr. Moe Musa directed the music video of the song. Initially, the song was just a sample version. However, it became a hit on the internet and was removed from most streaming services. It has since been added to the Top 10 Ghanaian tracks on iTunes and Spotify. It quickly exploded on the social network TikTok, garnering over 4.7 million videos and eight billion views in just a few months. By December 2021, it topped the iTunes charts in several countries.

Although Goya Menor’s debut was a commercial failure, his remix is widely popular and enjoyed in clubs worldwide. He isn’t contented with being a one-hit-wonder and is open to collaborating with notable names in the music industry. His biography tells a compelling story of musical success that has taken the world by storm.

Goya Menor’s Net worth

His net worth is now estimated to be around $50,000 to $90,000 approx. This value estimate is based on his popularity and hit songs released so far. However, this figure is likely to increase rapidly due to his recent success.

While his net worth is increasing due to his popularity, he continues to remain private. 

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Some FAQ About Goya Menor

Question: Who sang wanna Bamba? 

Ans: The singer’s name is Goya Menor. He remixed the song ‘Ameno,.’ ‘You want to bamba’ and ‘You want to chill with the big boys were part of the lyrics in the song.

Question: Where does Goya Menor come from?

AnsGoya was born in Edo State to Christian parents, particularly in Ekpoma City, which is located in the Southern part of Nigeria