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If you’re interested in learning more about Nigerian comedian BrainJotter, you’ve come to the right place. Brainjotter is a brand influencer and YouTube sensation from the Eastern part of Nigeria. Born in eastern Nigeria, he started making jokes in school and was always known for his hilarious lifestyle. In 2020, he decided to make a career out of making funny videos. Soon, he stormed Instagram with hilarious videos and collaborated with other top comedians.

Real Name:Chukwuebuka Emmanuel Amuzie
Stage Name:Brainjotter
Age:27 years old
Date Of Birth:5th Of February, 1995
State Of OriginImo State
Net Worth:$120k – $200k approx.
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Brainjotter Biography & Career

Chukwuebuka Emmanuel amuzie, also known as Brainjotter, is a famous Nigerian comedian, actor, and content creator. Born on February 5, 1995, Brainjotter is from Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria, where he received his primary and secondary school education. A graduate of the University of Lagos. Later, he moved to Ghana, where he lived among different tribes and learned several languages. He now resides in Lagos State. He has worked as a freelance writer, comedian, and actor. His biographical details are below to give you a better idea of his career.

 Chukwuebuka Emmanuel amuzie has been entertaining his fans online since his early days. His first comedy video featured a shoe being picked up. His videos quickly gained attention, and he has been gaining a loyal fan base in the process. 

The comedian is famous not only in Nigeria but also in other parts of Africa. The comedian is enjoying a successful career as a content creator and brand influencer so far. Amuzie first rose to fame when a video of him doing a skit went viral and was reposted across all major social media.

At the same time, he became a stand-up comedian, starring in comedy skits and comedy videos. His career skyrocketed after a series of videos went viral on Instagram. His humorous persona has a broad following and is known by his catchphrase, “Abeg gettout.”

Before starting his stand-up comedy career, Brain Jotter began making funny jokes. He began making these videos while in school and soon gained a massive following on Instagram. Since then, his videos have gained worldwide attention. Brain Jotter’s humor has become viral on the platform and is gaining popularity by the day. 

On his Instagram account, Brainjotter has over 1.7 million followers. He has posted over two hundred and twenty-one times. He has also advertised several brands.

Brainjotter’s Net Worth

His net worth is now estimated to be around $120,000 to $200,000 approx. This value estimate is based on his popularity and comedy videos released so far. However, this figure is likely to grow rapidly due to his recent success.

While his net worth is increasing due to his popularity, he continues to remain private.

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