This page will provide information on the music star Blessnachi (Bless Nnachi Gozie), including his biography, net worth, and where he is from. So, if you want to know more about this talented singer, read on. In addition, this page will also cover some interesting facts about Bless Nnachi Gozie’s background. So, if you are looking for some facts about Bless Nnachi Gozie, you’ve come to the right place.

Real Name:Bless Nnachi Gozie
Stage Name:Blessnnachi
Age:22 years old
Date Of Birth:3rd Of March, 2000
State Of OriginEbonyi State
Record Label:Blessnnachi 5G
Net Worth:$3k – $8k approx.
Blessnnachi’s profile

Blessnnachi’s biography & career

Blessnnachi is a fast-rising music star from Eastern Nigeria, particularly from Ebonyi State.

Born in the year 2000, Blessnnachi later developed a passion for music, and he is rapidly growing with the rap trend. Despite obtaining a Diploma in Civil Engineering from Akanu Ibiam Polytechnic, Ebonyi State, Nnachi discovered his musical talent even though he wanted to be a Mathematician.

Blessnnachi is versatile enough in his craft of making music having more in playing drums & Piano in the early years of his growth as far back as his secondary school. He could transition a minor sound to something musical with his loads of abilities in making them.

Blessnnachi is fondly called a stage name acquired from his real name in Bless Nnachi Gozie. The music star grew up in Rivers State, Nigeria, before proceeding to his state for higher education. However, he stuck so much to his originality and knew how to use his Igbo language and make impressive switches to English in his songs.

Blessnnachi has garnered many followers on social media and won the hearts of many with his flows and outlandish punchlines. His musical influence, according to him, is traced back to top acts like Phyno, Olamide, and Eminem.

Blessnnachi’s Net Worth

Blessnnachi’s net worth as of 2022 is estimated to be around $3,000 to $8,000 approx. This value estimate is based on his popularity and hit songs. However, this figure will likely increase due to his recent success.

While his net worth is increasing due to his popularity, he continues to remain private.